It made us a bit of the “freaks” with the Swingers buddygays

Oh, and we were also a bit odd in that “we” were three. Not in an uncomfortable way, although I assume some people could have been made to feel uncomfortable with that vibe. Not us. We reveled in it. And it led to a lot of fun! A lot of wives and girlfriends playfully joking with their partners, “Hey, no fair, this swap is a two for one and I am just getting the one.” Swapping humor!

TURN IT DOWN A NOTCH OR TWO, (BUT NOT THREE) After several months at “11,” Mike called for us to cool it down a bit. It was feeling a bit like an addiction.

He felt we were getting a bit sex-crazed, and he was right

We were all looking forward to our next adventure, but that anticipation was more than just a craving, it was becoming a “can’t live without it” lusting. While all three of us had it, Kayla really had it the worst, but none of us were immune. Mike noticed a decrease in our level of tolerance for everyday things and towards each other. We were all a bit more irritable and both mine and Kayla’s bottoms became clear evidence of the consequences of that irritability.

We are Funsome Threesome if you want to see what it’s all about

While perhaps it wasn’t related to a sex-seeking frenzy, once Mike said something about it, it resonated as true to all of us. We recognized it and agreed we were becoming very focused on when our next play session would be with anyone other than our Circle of Trust (COT). The result was Mike has put a moratorium on any activities outside our COT.

As evidence that perhaps we had gone a bit crazy, there was a bit of feeling of withdrawal. A feeling of anxiety and insomnia where your mind thinks of the amazing sex you are missing. Luckily, that could be quickly remedied by a convenient antidote. We would just have amazing sex together!

PORN AS AN AID W hat also helped us was more role play between the three of us. I mentioned a few posts back that we got an account on bdsmlr. The three of us use it by logging in and making comments on the pics or gifs – snarky ones, suggestive ones, playful ones, nasty ones, you name it. Some of it based on reality, some of it fantasy. A little playground for us to use our imagination and share dirty thoughts.

We each try to log in each day to see what comments the other two have made and to add more of our own. I caution you, bdsmlr is a bit raw and crude. Misogyny and patriarchy reign supreme on most accounts.

I know some of you are saying, “Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.” While I disagree, I won’t argue the point. I get it, my lifestyl e and COT is definitely not *misandry and matriarchy. Well, at least outside of Kim’s bedroom it’s not! lol.

(*hint: those are the opposites of misogyny and patriarchy. The fact I had to look up the opposite of misogyny just shows you how misogynistic our culture is. Most of us don’t even know the term for its opposite. If you did know, that’s great. You just earned five points for social awareness. And what can you do with those 5 points? You can now be subject to Christian-sharia law if you live in the South. Wow, did I digress or what?)



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